Holiday Light Installation in St. Louis

John Voirol Group
John Voirol Group
Published on November 20, 2018

We need a little Christmas, right this very instant! Time to bundle up and break out the ladder, grab the plastic clips, and spend a day trimming the roofline to perfection. Or, you could just hire a pro!

Relax, hire a pro!

With the holidays upon us the decorating will soon begin and while some may enjoy climbing up a ladder and putting in the hard work to make their home’s exterior look perfect for the season, others wouldn’t dream of it! 

Whether you would rather delegate the task of trimming your home with lights and decor or just want to take what you’re already doing to the next level, we’ve compiled a list of St. Louis holiday light installation companies for your consideration. 

Most of the companies we talked to provide their own lights and their service includes the lease of the lighting + the cost of installation, maintenance, tear down, and storage. Typically they cut lights to fit your home’s unique roofline and architecture. Additional decor can be leased, such as wreaths, to create a custom holiday look. Holiday light installation in St. Louis just got a bit easier!

Holiday Light Installation Companies in St. Louis

Hook & Ladder
636-399-2324 (Josh Lovelace) | $500 minimum

Wall 2 Wall
314-207-4434 (Kevin) | Install minimum is $299 / tear down minimum $99

Metro Lawn
636-936-8243 (Christy) | $450 minimum / average is $600

The companies below have limited capacity and are already booking in December.

One Elf & Ladder
636-290-9627 | Focused on servicing St. Louis County, Chesterfield

Santa’s Elves
314-899-9997 | Focused on servicing central corridor, South City, most of St. Louis

Christmas Lights Made Easy

Holiday Lighting STL

Wouldn’t it be easier to break out the eggnog, leave on your PJ’s, and let someone else create a top-notch holiday display for you? Go ahead, you deserve it!

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