Moving to St. Louis – 10 Reasons You Should

John Voirol Group
John Voirol Group
Published on November 19, 2018

If you’re thinking of moving to St. Louis, well, you’ve come to the right place. Up next, I’ve got 10 reasons why you should.

10 Reasons for Moving to St. Louis

I’m John Voirol, a St. Louis real estate agent with the John Voirol Group, and I’m here today to talk about 10 reasons why you should consider moving to St. Louis. Here it from a born and raised native St. Louisan!

1. An Incredible Restaurant Scene

Salt + Smoke

St. Louis’ restaurant scene has exploded in recent years, and the city is home to quite a few talented, creative chefs who are responsible for restaurants like Pastaria, Olive and Oak, Union Loafers, and many, many more. If you enjoy restaurants as much as we do, you should without a doubt consider moving to St. Louis!  In 2018, four chefs and two restaurants in St. Louis were among the James Beard Award winning semifinalists. We have excellent barbecue, one-of-a-kind pizza, amazing pasta, and everything in between. Sauce Magazine is a local culinary publication and our favorite resource for finding new restaurants and staying on top of the trends.

2. Cost of Living

Number two is the cost of living. Let’s compare the cost of living in Boston to that of living in St. Louis. If you live in Boston and you make $50,000 a year, and you move here, to maintain your standard of living, you need to earn just shy of $31,000 because the cost of living is a whopping 38% lower here in St. Louis. The median home price in Boston is $576,000, and here in St. Louis, it’s just $213,000. So not only will you get a lot more for your money when moving to St. Louis, you’ll also have more to spend on experiences and lifestyle, like eating out and traveling!

3. The Parks

“Balloon Glow” in Forest Park

From the city to the suburbs, St. Louis is full of impressive parks. The city alone has 108 parks covering almost 3,000 acres. The crown jewel of them is Forest Park, which is one of the largest urban parks in the nation at 1,371 acres, and houses beloved St. Louis attractions including the St. Louis Zoo, a golf course, the St. Louis Art Museum, and The Muny, St. Louis’ historical outdoor municipal opera theater which seats 11,000 people. Forest Park is full of lakes, running paths, inspiring views, and features a boathouse where you can rent a kayak or have a relaxing meal by the water.

4. Arts & Culture

The Fabulous Fox Theater

Whether you’re into theater, live music, or galleries and exhibitions, St. Louis has it all. The St. Louis Art Museum is visited by up to half a million people every year, and admission is free except for featured exhibitions, and even those are free on Fridays. The Grand Center Arts District is St. Louis’ epicenter for the arts. From Broadway to Beethoven, you can celebrate world-class talent alongside aspiring artists by visiting Grand Center’s 16 theaters, 17 museums and galleries, 10 music venues, and 22 bars and restaurants. Whatever you do in St. Louis, don’t miss the Missouri Botanical Garden, the nation’s oldest botanical garden in continuous operation and a national historic landmark. The garden offers 79 acres of stunning displays, including a 14 acre Japanese strolling garden. Is moving to St. Louis looking more and more attractive to you?

5. Change of Seasons

Getting to see and experience all four seasons of the year and the changes in-between them really is one of my favorite things about living in St. Louis. We get a hot Summer, a cold Winter, and Spring and Fall serve as a refresher in between them, and all four seasons are very tolerable when compared with other parts of the country.

6. Variety of Housing Stock

“Painted Ladies” in the Lafayette Square neighborhood.

From small ranches and quaint bungalows to historic 10,000 square foot mansions, St. Louis truly has something for all tastes. St. Louis was the leading producer of brick in the United States with over 240 acres of clay mines, and this had a huge impact on its architecture. Though there is plenty of newer construction if that’s what you prefer, you’ll find no shortage of distinctive masonry-built homes of character here in St. Louis. In moving to St. Louis you’re guaranteed to find a house you love, and probably at a price you love, too!

7. St. Louis is Kid-Friendly

View from the roof of the City Museum.

You’ll never struggle to plan a family outing in St. Louis. From the City Museum, which is basically a giant jungle gym with a Ferris wheel on the roof, to the Magic House to the Butterfly House, and even the Science Center, keeping littles entertained is no problem. We wouldn’t go as far as saying that moving to St. Louis is like having a built-in babysitter, no, but we do think you’ll have a lot of fun!

8. Beer

4 Hands Brewing Company

Anheuser-Bush was founded in St. Louis in 1852, so we have a long history with beer, and they have a biergarten worth exploring. With a plethora of local brew pubs to explore, beer aficionados will feel right at home here and should definitely consider it a reason for moving to St. Louis! Urban Chestnut and 4 Hands are two of our favorites.

9. The Arch

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is an iconic symbol of St. Louis and is the tallest manmade monument in the United States. There’s so much to do that a visit to the Arch is a great way to spend an afternoon. You can take a tram ride 630 feet to the top of the Arch where you get a panoramic and stunning view of the city, visit the recently expanded museum underneath the Arch, and even take a riverboat cruise on the mighty Mississippi River, but if you ask me, the best way to spend a day on the Arch grounds is to grab a bottle of wine, a sandwich to go, and a blanket, and sit on the park grounds and admire this magnificent monument. 

10. The Neighborhoods

St. Louis City Neighborhoods

We’ve got a million of them! Ok, maybe not a million but there are a lot! St. Louis was founded in 1776 alongside the Mississippi River, and as the population grew, the city sprawled westward, leaving us with 79 unique neighborhoods that make up the City of St. Louis. St. Louis County, on the other hand, is comprised of 88 individual municipalities all separate from the city, and many with their own local governments and school districts. When moving to St. Louis, it is crucial to work with an agent who understands the nuances between all of these communities.

Whether you’re definitely moving to St. Louis or are just considering it, as you can now see it really is a fantastic place to live, work, and play. If you’re seriously thinking about moving to St. Louis, or just have a few more questions before deciding, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about the St. Louis area.

Still have questions about a potential move to St. Louis? You can get in touch with me HERE, or shoot me a text at 314-366-0454.  I can provide you with whatever information you’re looking for, or at least point you in the right direction.

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