Circa Collection is an enriched branch of our marketing repertoire reserved for distinctive St. Louis homes.

Collection listings will be curated with a suite of deluxe marketing elements, as well as a re-imagined take on the classic Circa pieces that buyers and sellers have come to love.

Special feature cards that highlight noteworthy or unique aspects of the home and surrounding neighborhood are placed throughout.

Video marketing does not mean a “Slideshow.”

It’s so important to be aware that there is a huge difference between a virtual tour and a slideshow. Don’t be misled! Most agents will promise “listing videos” and what they intend to provide is an animated slideshow or virtual tour of the photos of your property. 

We spend the money to do it right.

Featured as a lifestyle listing in historic Compton Heights.
An historic renovation in Lafayette Square

We didn’t stop there.

Once designated as a Collection listing your home will receive an exclusive sign in the yard, as well as the following items:


Each Collection listing will receive
a custom website featuring
your property’s photos, video,
special features, floor plan, map,
and property specs.


A Circa staple re-imagined,
The Collection Box is unlike
anything else in the St. Louis
area and is filled with special
feature cards, door hangers, a
welcome stand and more.

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