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John Voirol

Circa Properties

John Voirol

Team Leader, REALTOR®

[email protected] | (314) 366-0454

John Voirol founded one of St. Louis's top real estate teams, the John Voirol Group. He was born and raised in St. Louis and currently lives in the Tower Grove neighborhood. John is especially passionate about St. Louis's historic homes and absolutely LOVES guiding buyers and sellers through the process of buying and selling them. Historic homes represent a unique set of challenges for which experience and expertise is required in order to avoid common pitfalls and expensive mistakes!

Clients say he is extremely well organized, professional, and ethical. John is very experienced at evaluating and pricing homes to help his clients get the best deal. His focus is on the client experience, which he knows will, in turn, create future opportunities for him to work for you and earn your referrals. John Voirol is a top St. Louis REALTOR®, having sold over $40 million in real estate and has been featured in Town & Style magazine. You owe it to yourself to meet with John before you buy or sell a home in St. Louis to see if he could be the right fit for you!

David Nelson

Circa Properties

David Nelson

Listing Consultant, REALTOR®

[email protected] | (314) 600-2917

As Listing Consultant, I bring extensive experience as it pertains to working with clients to best present their homes for sale.  A strong merchant and degree in Interior Design, I am able to help create that "lifestyle" that buyers are searching for.

15 years of managing "big-box" and specialty retail environments including home furnishings, home improvement, ready-to-wear and soft lines. People management, HR, recruiting, staffing, training and development.

Gennie Avellino

Circa Properties

Gennie Avellino

Marketing Specialist

[email protected]

Gennie has worked in the marketing side of the real estate industry since 2015, juggling everything from video production and content creation to social media management. A liberal arts background and Public Communication degree from Truman State University allow her to handle - and enjoy! - the fast-paced and ever-changing world of residential real estate. She loves having the opportunity to work one-on-one with agents, using her skills and creativity to help elevate their business to the next level. She's continually inspired by our community-centered mantra and looks forward to helping the company grow for years to come. In her free time you'll find Gennie hanging out with her rescue pup, Nala, or enjoying drinks with friends at one of St. Louis' awesome breweries. A native St. Louisan, she currently lives in the Dogtown area and enjoys exploring all the hidden gems of the city.

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I trust his opinion.

John is amazing! This is the second time we worked with John (bought and sold a home). John is very knowledgeable and professional. He guided us through the process and made the it effortless. I trust his opinion and he is right every time. We recently closed on our sale and not only did we get above full asking price, our house sold before the open house! We are so thankful everything went so smoothly, all due to John. We will definitely be using his service again. -Monya P.

It was obvious he had a great deal of experience.

"After my initial meeting with John, it was obvious he had a great deal of experience and I knew I’d be able to trust his guidance throughout the home buying process. His knowledge of homes in the area is second to none, and as a first time home-buyer, I couldn’t have asked for a better agent. John is completely dedicated to fully understanding what you are looking for in a new home. He was able to keenly assess what I needed and wanted in a home, and given how picky I am, this was no easy task. Home buying is stressful, but John constantly maintains an optimistic reassuring mindset that he will find you your new home. He is extremely thorough and will guide you through the many decisions you’ll have to make and ensure that you’re at ease from the first viewing to the final signing. John is unrivaled in his field and I highly recommend him." -Brad G.

John was easily accessible and responsive.

"As first time home buyers, we were as clueless as they come. Thanks to John's patience and guidance, we were able to not only navigate the buying process, but also understand our commitments and obligations. John was easily accessible and responsive at all times. He gave us peace of mind and confidence in our decisions and negotiations because of his expertise and willingness to share that with us. He maintained professionalism at all times, especially when encountering those not adhering to the same standard. John is also a good time and quick witted!" -Val & Nick L.

I had an offer on my home within two weeks.

"It was a pleasure working with John on the sale of my home in the Shaw neighborhood in St. Louis. He went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me through this process. I had an additional challenge because I did not live local to the St. Louis area. John stepped in where needed and made those local obligations transparent for me. Based on John's initial walk-through of my home, he recommended a number of updates to get top dollar for my home. He assisted in providing contractors as well as shopping locally for carpet, light fixtures, granite, tile, and recommended a new paint color for the interior of my home. The staging company he recommended was stellar as well. He also met contractors and city inspectors at my home during the process as well. I can't say enough about the services John provided. His professionalism and attention to detail are top-notch. Also, I was kept abreast of any pertinent details once my home was officially on the market. As John promised, I had an offer on my home within two weeks. John's use of technology was superb. All documents were sent and signed via email. I should also mention the website that was created to further market my home was outstanding. The recommendations John made really transformed my home into a masterpiece!!!" -Leroy W.

I can attest John is excellent at his job.

"We used John as both a sellers and a buyers agent on sale/purchase recently. I can attest John is excellent at his job. He was always available to respond to our many questions. He helped us find a great house, negotiate purchase price and then sold our house immediately! I would recommend John to anyone that is looking to buy or sell in St. Louis area. I can't recommend him enough!!!" -Kelly & Andy M.

He was always available to answer my questions.

I highly recommend John's services for anyone! He helped me find a home, in one short month, and exceeded all my expectations. He was always available to answer my questions and helped move the process through closing promptly and professionally. We are very happy to settle into our new home thanks to John. He is the best! -Monya P. & Royce L.

His client-centric approach is nothing short of marvelous.

As first-time home buyers, we could not possibly have asked for a better realtor than John Voirol. Professional, personable, extremely reliable, and incredibly knowledgeable of all facets of home-buying, he made the experience not only much less stressful than it could have been, but actually enjoyable, knowing we had someone representing us who "got" us and would tell things to us straight. From our initial meeting, through the interview and all the way to closing, he listened carefully, his advice was extremely sound and his contacts to related vendors excellent. His client-centric approach is nothing short of marvelous. Whenever a potential problem arose, he would calmly explain our options, with all the relevant pros and cons, and give his opinion when asked. During showings, he would find problems or advantages our distracted eyes missed, and readily explain in greater detail. This may sound over the top, but in truth we find ourselves now comparing anyone we do business with to John -- are they as professional? On-time? Honest? Helpful? Trustworthy? Careful? We strongly encourage anyone searching for a realtor who will partner with them to hire John. You won't be disappointed. -Katy & Will B.

There's no one I would rather have undergone this process with.

"As a first time home-buyer, I walked into this process with a lot to learn. I was also much younger than the average real-estate customer and thus prepared to encounter some resulting obstacles along the way. However, John quickly dissolved these concerns in our first meeting and has ever since been an incredible help in purchasing my first home. I started out with a very specific idea of what I wanted in a home and was additionally quite lucky to find a house that met my standards almost immediately. Therefore, the majority of my time with John was spent preparing my offer, negotiating contracts, and completing other various closing requirements. John was always two steps ahead and ensured that both I and the sellers were doing everything necessary to ensure a smooth closing. His connection to the St. Louis community also proved to be invaluable, as he was always able to procure the necessary experts for inspection and repairs alike, in a short amount of time. He was organized, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable of the St. Louis market. Further, he was kind and personable, never failing to make me feel calm and collected throughout an inevitably hectic process. I truly could not recommend John more for anyone looking to purchase a home in St. Louis. From his knowledge of the neighborhoods to his overall disposition, there is no one I would have rather undergone this process with. Thank you John for helping me find my dream home, I am eternally grateful!" -Taylor O.

Under contract in 4 days.

"John is outstanding. He is the consummate professional - organized, polite, a great listener and always a pleasure to deal with. John helped us both sell our house in the city (under contract in 4 days) and buy our new house in Ladue. He was extremely helpful during the negotiations for both properties. We recommend him to everyone." -Alison C. & George M.

He was the most up-to-date on modern marketing.

"John is an excellent realtor in every way. My husband and I had previously attempted to sell a condo that we owned without any luck after several months on the market with another agent. We finally gave up, but later decided to give it one more try with John as our agent. From the very start, we were impressed. John gave us a very organized presentation with information about his history as a real estate agent, his record, and his approach to home-selling. Having had several agents in the past, he was by far the most up-to-date on modern marketing techniques and had clearly done his homework with regard to our property. He recommended some updates to the condo as well as an excellent interior decorator/stager. He then had photos taken of the property at his own expense. Prior to the listing date, John had already secured several showings. Ultimately, we received 2 offers on the property within 24 hour, both at or above list price! He then took us through a the always-frustrating post-sale negotiation process, and never seemed to lose his patience. I was impressed with his willingness to give his honest opinion at every turn. I used to think that it didn't matter who you hired as your realtor. However, after our recent experience, I am now a firm believer that a good agent can make all the difference! Thanks, John!" -Angeline D. & Curtis K.

He always made us feel important.

Being first time home buyers things can get a little intimidating. My favorite part about having John as our realtor was that he always made us feel important and that whatever our goal was it would be accomplished. We recently closed on our house and I am confident that we would not be where we are today without John. Forever grateful! - Morgan & Jess E.

John's a pro.

John's a pro. After an unsuccessful listing, and interviewing many agents, they all sounded the same. John differentiated himself with a well researched marketing and pricing strategy. The many others we interviewed seemed very driven to get the listing but unimaginative and simple when it came a strategy for the property. John had a detailed plan, budget, and reasoning behind improvements and expenditures that was convincing and ultimately proved correct. The others just pointed out the same obvious things in a walkthrough and advocated for improvements without payback analysis. John had analyzed the market and had a sound pricing strategy. The others just printed out the same list of comps without analysis, told us all the other houses were better, and held a finger in the air while coming up with a price...that was the extent of the analysis and we saw it happen again and again. Many seem to follow a formula of convincing you they are the best, that you should price somewhat low, and then go lower. John had sound reasoning backed by fact, not hunch, and stuck to it. His pricing, although meaningfully higher than what the other agents recommended, elicited two offers above ask at the first open house. Clearly that was because he is technology savvy and drove traffic. Page views under John were twice that of the previous listing agent as was attendance at the first open house. You won't find a more thorough and professional agent than John. -Brad & Christa M.

Please don't hesitate to contact John if you are buying or selling.

We were nervous about finding the right realtor when buying our first home, but it was obvious within the first few minutes of meeting John that we would be in good hands. Hard-working, intelligent, honest, and friendly are just a few ways to describe him. We trusted him with many important decisions because we could tell he had our best interest at heart. He made a stressful and sometimes overwhelming affair easy and even enjoyable. With John we not only found an excellent realtor, but someone we considered a friend. We are glad for the process to be over but will miss our regular interactions with him. Please don't hesitate to contact John if you are buying or selling a home. You wont regret working with him! -Jayme M. & David J.

It was clear that he was ready to help us sell at a completely different level!

What more can we say than "wow"--John was amazing, and we NEVER could have gotten through what we did without him. We had an older home we'd enjoyed for almost 20 years in much need of a refresh as we prepared to move on. A trusted friend had recommended John to us, and within minutes of meeting him, it was clear that he was ready to help us sell our home at a completely different level. Just his basic plan for marketing and presenting our home was unlike anything we'd ever experienced from any other agent. The promises he made for investing his own time and money in our sale was completely unexpected, but he backed this up far beyond any of our expectations throughout a protracted remodeling effort. We'd expected maybe a month of work before listing, and four months later, we finally listed out property. From heart-attacks to natural disasters, everything that could go wrong in our process did--and then some! John was there every moment for us. His opinions and advice for where to put our money and effort was game-changing for us (how lost we could have been in this process is absolutely horrifying), and he always seemed to know someone who could pull us out of the pit of despair. It took four times longer than expected, and throughout it all, John never got impatient, John never rushed us, and John was always there for us in the kindest, most supportive way possible (we're not even sure he sleeps!). Once it was "go time", the pictures of our place just blew us away, and we had a full listing price offer before we even got to our first open house (and we had a half-dozen such offers to discuss before the week was out). We'd absolutely loved our time living in our house, and our kids cried their eyes out in their old rooms the night before the closing. Somehow, John was able to bring the magic of our home to the world, and finding a buyer was basically over before we could even blink. Despite buyer financing issues and the house taking another swing at us on our way to closing (sewer!!), John kept us calm and seamlessly navigated all of the pitfalls. John is, without a single doubt or reservation, the most genuine, helpful and dedicated real estate professional I have ever met. This review is certainly a bit over the top, but John has earned every single praise we've given (and then some)." -George & Alyona K.

Too many brokers are just looking for a commission. John wants long term relationships and it shows.

We just bought a home with John as our partner. I don't ever give 5 stars for anything, but John earned it. Here is why: 1. The guy rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty. He crawled over every square foot of the house we purchased. He noticed many things that our home inspector did not. Not because the inspector was not good, but John is ridiculous. 2. He was incredibly responsive. Emails are answered in minutes (not hours) and process moved forward at all times. 3. He manages everything. We were busy with our day jobs/lives. So, John handled everything. 4. He has a healthy attitude toward negotiation. Not too aggressive, but clearly wants every client to love the result. He was as happy to walk away and find us something else as he was to close on the house we chose. Too many brokers are just looking for a commission. John wants long term relationships and it shows. 5. He has a great rolodex. Any issue that arises, he has a contact and they were all very good (and also very responsive). In summary, he is great at what he does, is playing the "long game" in building his client list and takes care of everything AND gets you a very good value. Highly Recommend him. -Keith B. & Rae E.

John couldn't have been a better partner in our home buying/selling journey.

John couldn't have been a better partner in our home buying/selling journey. He was patient with us from the beginning and coached us through 4 months of looking for our dream home. Even our 2.5 year old son got excited every time we said "we're going to see Mr. John tonight." Once our offer was accepted, the modern convenience of electronic signatures and quick text responses made the transaction so easy. And then we listed our home. John produced wonderful marketing materials and had great suggestions on sprucing up our place for the open house (which was cancelled due to multiple offers - yay!) All in all, I would definitely hire John again if we were ever to need his services. He is knowledgeable, helpful, attentive, and a super great guy! -Leslie & Dan Z.

Super organized and efficient.

John was great! Made the whole process easy! Impressive with handling the marketing of my property and all the details from offer acceptance to closing! Super organized and efficient. -Laurie W.

I will definitely use him again.

John was always prompt about returning calls and emails. He was easy to schedule appointments and very punctual. If he did not have an answer, he immediately found the answer. He was always professional and courteous. He made the experience very pleasant. I will definitely use him again. - Anne K.

The entire process was handled in a professional manner and we were very pleased with our choice.

We have had a wonderful experience working with John. Before we entered the market, John assisted us by doing a walkthrough of our home and giving us tips on items that we could address in order to increase our selling value and speed of sale. We took care of the items recommended and felt that he led us in the right direction. When discussing prices, we had already had a number in mind based on a few sales of homes in our neighborhood. John actually recommend that we sell our home at a higher value than we originally thought after he did thorough market research. This paid off and subsequently made us a much larger profit. We were very impressed at all of the marketing that was done for our home prior to its entrance to the market. This paid off with 16 or so showings scheduled on the first day and at least two offers in hand on the first day over asking price. We loved the images of our home created by the photographer. Not only did John coach us through what to address regarding the buyers requests following the inspections, he also had reputable contacts for us to use for the work. They turned out to be fairly priced and available in a pinch. The entire process was handled in a professional manner and we were very pleased with our choice in a realtor. Thanks again John! -Tim & Emily G.

Second to none; a very professional and knowledgeable realtor.

Second to none; a very professional and knowledgeable realtor. John's efforts, organization and insight were amazing. He was always on top of things, ahead of the game (me) and seemed able to read minds! Extremely friendly and always responsive. He's as genuine as you can find. -Patrick S.

He made me feel like he would protect me from getting a bad deal.

John was a pleasure to work with. He was very personable and easy to feel comfortable with. He always returned my phone calls quickly and always willing to show me listings. His main priority was getting to know what I was looking for in a house, establishing the area in which I wanted to live, and staying within my budget. We quickly ruled out types of houses and areas I was not interested in. He was very knowledgeable about the houses. He was able to point out good as well as bad aspects of the house. He is interested in learning about the housing industry in order to help his clients. He made me feel like he would protect me from getting a bad deal. I would highly recommend John. It was a great experience and I am very pleased with my new house! - Janie P.

I didn't even ask him to do that! He just did it!

Not only did John get my condo under contract in just five days (the entire closing was done 60 days after it went on the market!), but he was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was not looking forward to selling my condo at all; it seemed like an enormous amount of work, it's a long and confusing process and I didn't feel like dealing with it. However, John made all the difference. He provided me with a timeline of important dates and a list of things and documents that needed to be completed to simplify the process. Whenever I had a question, he promptly answered it. When an issue arose, he gave me his recommended solution, but was more than happy to talk through alternate options. He used great digital tools that notified me of showings and sent me alerts of other listings similar to mine in the area, which was enormously helpful. A problem with my roof arose during an inspection and he immediately had a roofer at my house to check out the problem and provide an estimate - I didn't even ask him to do that! He just did it! He is incredibly proactive and cool as a cucumber. At closing he gave me all my documents in a bound book for easy storage and reference. He's also a lot of fun to spend time with, which is an added bonus. John smoothed out a process that I was dreading and made me some money in the process. I can't recommend him enough! - Niky R.

We highly recommend him to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

We met John at an open house in the fall of 2015. While we weren't really looking for a house at that time, John took our information, our housing preferences and kept in regular touch. Finally one Sunday in February he emailed us saying he was hosting an open house and it might fit all of our needs (again even though we weren't ready to buy for several more months). He was right! We bought the home four days later. As this shows, John is very attentive and takes care of every detail. He knew what we wanted and even though we had no contract with him, he worked for us and got us the home we were looking for. He handled every aspect of the process for getting the paperwork done, inspectors in and even lined us up a a great lender. He made the whole house buying process easy. We highly recommend him to anyone. You will not be disappointed. -Chris W.

John was tremendously in touch with how I was feeling.

John was a tremendous asset as I sold my condo and looked for a new place. His marketing tools and focus on outreach for selling my condo was clear, targeted and innovative. The work John did to identify properties for me to look at on the buying side was thorough and very much in line with what I wanted. Clearly he was listening! On top of the industry and process knowledge John was also tremendously in touch with how I was feeling and reacting to the whole stressful process and made is so much less stressful. I would HIGHLY recommend John and will, should I need to buy or sell again, seek out his expertise and service. - Lisa H.

John listed and sold our house within six days at full price!

"John listed and sold our house within six days at full price. At every juncture, he was professional, well-prepared, confident, and on point. John met with us, suggested some ways to improve our marketability, crafted his plan, worked it aggressively, and brought us three offers on the sixth day. His artful negotiation and excellent communication throughout the sale were unmatched in any previous real estate experience we have had. When the buyer’s inspection report on the condition of our garage roof conflicted with our insurance inspector’s report, John shepherded an insurance reinspection that resulted in a new roof for the buyer at no cost to us. In addition to being the consummate professional, John is a really nice man. We recommend him without reservation." - Terri H.

John is the ultimate realtor!

"John is the ultimate realtor. He knows the area, stays on top of all the details and anticipates and removes barriers to a very time consuming and intensive process. Hands down we would recommend him to anyone in the St. Louis area." Dave & Lisa C.

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